Shot Down 'Inoperative' Satellite, No Threat of Debris - Russian MoD

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  • 01:23 PM, November 16, 2021
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Shot Down 'Inoperative' Satellite, No Threat of Debris - Russian MoD
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The Russian Ministry of Defense said that the destruction of one of its “inoperative” satellites, Celina-D, does not pose a threat to orbital stations and space activities.

Celina-D had been in the orbit since 1982.

"The Russian automated warning system for dangerous situations in near-earth space (ASPOS OKP) continues to monitor the situation in order to prevent and counter all possible threats to the safety of the International Space Station and its crew," Russian space agency Roscosmos said, adding that the safety of the International Space Station (ISS) crew is a priority.

Earlier, the United States condemned Russia for conducting the "dangerous and irresponsible" missile test that it says endangered the crew aboard the ISS.

"Earlier today, the Russian Federation recklessly conducted a destructive satellite test of a direct ascent anti-satellite missile against one of its own satellites," U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price said at a briefing. "The test has so far generated over 1,500 pieces of trackable orbital debris and hundreds of thousands of pieces of smaller orbital debris that now threaten the interests of all nations."

NASA administrator Bill Nelson said Russia had also endangered their own cosmonauts as well as Chinese "taikonauts" aboard China's space station.

Roscosmos claims the debris moved away from ISS orbit.

A number of countries have the ability to destroy satellites from the ground, including the U.S., Russia, China and India.

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