Dutch Army to be Equipped with Smart Shooter's SMASH Anti-Drone Solution

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  • 08:59 AM, February 21, 2022
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Dutch Army to be Equipped with Smart Shooter's SMASH Anti-Drone Solution
SMASH Fire Control solution @Smart Shooter

SMART SHOOTER has received an order from the Dutch military to provide them with its SMASH AD solution for operational use.

The Dutch military has tested the system during the recent year, and decided to purchase it and use the systems immediately, mainly for C-UAS purposes, the company said in a release today.

SMASH is a Fire Control solution for small arms that ensures each round finds its target. Bringing precision-missile targeting algorithms and advanced electro-optical processing capabilities into standard assault rifles, Smart Shooter's SMASH Fire Control Systems works automatically but not autonomously, and allows the operator to quickly and effectively neutralize their target. It is a cost-effective solution that can be integrated into any type of assault rifle and combined with other C-UAS systems to provide an effective multi-layer defense solution suitable for the modern battlefield.

Specifically designed to provide kinetic elimination of small, low-flying drones, SMASH AD incorporates a laser rangefinder and enables precision targeting of drones around the clock, with clear day and night vision capabilities. Capable of receiving and displaying target information from an external sensor or detection system, SMASH AD promises precise, swift, safe and simple hard-kill elimination of drones up to 250 m (Day Mode).

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