Ukraine Increases Fixed-Wing Aircraft Availability for War Effort

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  • 01:59 AM, April 21, 2022
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Ukraine Increases Fixed-Wing Aircraft Availability for War Effort
Ukrainian MiG-29

Ukraine has been able to increase its fixed-wing aircraft availability over the past several weeks due to US-cordinated supply of spares and equipment to keep the aircraft in operation.
"Ukraine has received through United States coordination and provision, enough spare parts and additional equipment such that they have been able to put in operation more fixed-wing aircraft in their fleet than they had even two to three weeks ago," Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby said Tuesday.
"As a matter of fact, through our efforts to provide them spare parts and coordinate the delivery of spare parts from other countries, they have been able to increase their fleet by quite a number," the spokesperson said.

Ukraine Increases Fixed-Wing Aircraft Availability for War Effort
MiG-29s Destroyed in Ukraine's Ivano-Frankivsk Airport in the first days of the war

Some 136 Ukrainian Aircraft downed since February: Kremlin
The Russian Defense Ministry says that Russian air defense systems shot down two Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter jets in the Kharkiv region on April 17.
Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said at a briefing on Sunday that In total, 136 aircraft and 471 drones have been brought down since the beginning of the war.
Ukraine had some 80-100 MiG-29 and Su-27 combat aircraft at the beginning of the invasion by Russia. Current inventories are not known.

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