Ninety US-made 155mm Howitzers, Enough to Equip 5 Battalions, Headed to Ukraine

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  • 04:01 AM, April 22, 2022
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Ninety US-made 155mm Howitzers, Enough to Equip 5 Battalions, Headed to Ukraine
US-made 155mm Towed Howitzers for Ukraine

The United States on Thursday decided to send 72 155 mm howitzers, 144, 000 artillery rounds, and vehicles with which to tow the howitzers.
The new howitzers will substantially improve Ukraine's ability to target Russian positions with precision artillery from a stand-off distance of 20km-25km. Previously, Ukrainians would attack Russian aircraft and helicopters with MANPADS from close range exposing operator to counter-fire.
Last week, the U.S. approved 8 howitzers to Ukraine, along with 40,000 artillery shells to go with them. The Pentagon will now ship 72 additional howitzers to Ukraine and 144,000 additional shells. That brings the total number of howitzers to 90.
"These additional 72 howitzers will help basically fit out five more ... artillery battalions for the Ukrainians," Pentagon Spokesperson, John Kirby said. "This was ... very much in keeping with their needs, specifically in the Donbas, and the kind of fighting that has already started there and we expect to continue over days and weeks ahead."
The latest security assistance package also includes 72 tactical vehicles which can be used to tow the howitzers.
So far, eight drawdown packages of security assistance have been targeted at Ukraine. Helping move that equipment and also to move equipment and supplies donated by U.S. partner and allied nations, is the Eucom Control Center - Ukraine.

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