Serbia Unveils Chinese-made FK-3 Air Defense System

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  • 05:14 PM, May 1, 2022
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Serbia Unveils Chinese-made FK-3 Air Defense System
Chinese HQ-22 air defense system

Serbia displayed its Chinese-made FK-3 air defense missile system for the first time on Saturday consisting of missiles, launchers radars and command vehicles.
The FK-3, the export version of China's HQ-22 air defense missile system was shown on Serbian TV as part of military exercises at the Batajnica Air Base near Belgrade on Saturday, local media reported.
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that the Chinese missile system, as well as other recently delivered consignments of military hardware, are not meant as a threat to anyone and only represent a "powerful deterrent" against potential attackers.
Photos and videos released by Serbia's Defense Ministry and the media on Saturday show that the FK-3s delivered to Serbia include a number of road-mobile missile launchers, different types of corresponding radars, and command vehicles.
Chinese media calls the FK-3 as the world's only air defense missile to use a dual mode guidance system that combines the command plus semi-active radar homing composite guidance system and the whole-course command guidance system.
The FK-3 is "very accurate at both long and short ranges. The missile can cover targets including aircraft and missiles from five to 100 kilometers away at altitudes of 50 meters to 27 kilometers, according to information gleaned from the FK-3's sales brochures at defense exhibitions," Chinese Global Times reported.

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