Serbia to Unveil 'Pegasus' Attack Drone Made in Partnership with China

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  • 12:30 PM, May 2, 2022
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Serbia to Unveil 'Pegasus' Attack Drone Made in Partnership with China
Model of Serbia's Pegasus drone with Chinese FT-8D missile on display at Dubai airshow 2021
Serbia will present for the first time its attack drone, 'Pegasus' which has been developed and manufactured in collaboration with China.
"We will present for the first time fully armed 'Pegasus' – unmanned aerial vehicles which we have produced in cooperation with partners from China, besides CH-92A that we bought off-the-shelf – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Nebojša Stefanović announced.
Speaking about the capabilities of FK-3 air defense system bought from China, the minister explained that it is one battalion procured with four batteries, and each system has the range of some 100km in length and 27km in altitude. Stefanović was speaking on local radio regarding the equipment to be shown during “SHIELD 2022” armed forces exhibition.
When Serbia acquired the CH-92 combat drones, an agreement was signed with China to help in the development of a domestically produced combat drone, ‘Pegasus.’ The Pegasus will also carry two missiles with a range of 5 km.
While it has not been specified, the partnership is between China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) which developed the CH-92A and the Serbian Military Technical Institute to co-develop the 'Pegasus.'
A prototype of the drone was shown at the 'Partner 21,' defense event in Belgrade where the 'Pegasus' was previewed as a surveillance, intelligence and reconnaissance drone that can be armed with two missiles for strike missions.
Serbia to Unveil 'Pegasus' Attack Drone Made in Partnership with China
Ch-92A drones acquired by Serbia
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