Russia's Anti-drone Gun 'Stupor' Stuns Ukrainian Drones

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  • 06:50 AM, July 6, 2022
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Russia's Anti-drone Gun 'Stupor' Stuns Ukrainian Drones
Electromagnetic gun Stupor @Russian state media

Stupor, Russia’s anti-drone gun has been used to shoot down drones used by the Ukraine Army which includes Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2, American Switchblades, etc.

"Russia’s Stupor electromagnetic systems were used for the first time during the special operation in Ukraine, against Ukrainian drones… The device has demonstrated its high efficiency and operability," a security source was quoted as saying by Russian government-owned TASS News Agency.

"Just as you press a button, Stupor jams the operator’s signal to the drone. After that, the drone is neutralized and forced to land in a designated area. The need for such portable anti-drone weapons became evident, because the Ukrainian troops use are using a large number of UAVs and various small copters," he said.

The source did not elaborate on where exactly the anti-drone weapon was being used.

The gun was designed by the Russian Defense Ministry’s Main Robotics Research and Test Center to counter UAVs, including copters, under direct visibility. A prototype of the device was unveiled at the Army-2017 International Military-Technical Forum.

Stupor sends electromagnetic pulses to the enemy drone, which are supposed to choke the drone’s control channel. This breaks the connection between the operator and the drone. When the connection is broken, the drone goes into an uncontrolled flight, which ends in a fall. Besides suppressing the control channel, Stupor does the same with video cameras or optoelectronic devices. The Stupor electromagnetic rifle works at a range of 2 km. It can be charged from the grid, as well as from a car battery.

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