Ukraine Experience Makes Kalashnikov to Improve AK-12 Rifle

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  • 05:29 AM, July 29, 2022
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Ukraine Experience Makes Kalashnikov to Improve AK-12 Rifle
AK-12 assault rifle @Kalashnikov

Russian gunmaker Kalashnikov has upgraded the latest AK-12 assault rifle based on the experience gained in the Ukraine war.

"The experience of the AK-12 operation in real warfare is a separate issue. In March 2022, the Main Missile and Artillery Department [of the Russian Defense Ministry] held a series of meetings on the operation of AK-12s in the special military operation. Proposals are already available on the weapon’s further improvement," Kalashnikov Group CEO Vladimir Lepin said in an interview with Kalashnikov magazine published on Thursday.

The upgraded 5.45mm AK-12 prototype was already demonstrated to the Russian Defense Ministry. The rifle features increased fire accuracy and uses several Picatinny rails for installing additional gear: sights, the front handle, a flashlight and a laser designator.

The AK-12 is also outfitted with an easily detachable bayonet-type high-performance muzzle brake. The muzzle’s design allows installing noiseless and flameless firing devices.

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