MBDA, RBSL Showcase Brimstone Missile Mounted on Boxer Armored Vehicle

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  • 06:22 AM, September 23, 2022
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MBDA, RBSL Showcase Brimstone Missile Mounted on Boxer Armored Vehicle
Brimstone on Boxer ©RBSL

European MBDA, in co-operation with RBSL, have unveiled Boxer Overwatch, a Brimstone missile-equipped variant of the Boxer vehicle, for the first time at Defence Vehicles Dynamics (DVD) 2022.

U.K.-based RBSL is a joint venture business between Rheinmetall and BAE Systems.

The Brimstone on Boxer concept has been created by both RBSL and MBDA in response to British Army’s need for a Mounted Close Combat Overwatch (MCCO) capability, as part of its future anti-armor needs known as Battle Group Organic Anti-Armor (BGOAA). Engaging quickly to deliver precision anti-armor effects at long ranges, the Brimstone on Boxer mission module provides the capability for Heavy Combat Teams to repel adversary formations and single targets. Rapidly providing an initial capability with current equipment and then spirally developing with broader battlefield integration is at the heart of this concept.

Brimstone on High Mobility Transporter HMT600 series

The Brimstone on HMT600concept has been created by both Supacat and MBDA to provide the Light Forces tactical commander with a similar and complementary organic Overwatch capability to rapidly deliver precision anti-armour effects at long ranges and in volume. Potentially integrating with in-service equipment such as the Forsberg Fused Target Locator (FTL) and MANTIS Battlefield Management System and also spirally developing over time.

Land Precision Strike

Land Precision Strike (LPS) responds to the emerging artillery need to defeat high-value targets in the deep battle; targets which may be relocatable and fleeting in nature.

MBDA is working closely with MOD stakeholders on LPS weapon system concepts that will offer land commanders a step change in capability against armor at range – achieving highly discriminate, highly precise and low collateral effects for both peer and sub-peer conflicts. The plan is to be able to fire the LPS missile from a range of launchers including M270 MLRS, satisfying MOD’s “one platform, many weapons” objective.

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