Ukraine Deploys Polish SKY CTRL Anti-Drone System

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  • 08:55 AM, October 3, 2022
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Ukraine Deploys Polish SKY CTRL Anti-Drone System
SKY CTRL system @DUO

Ukraine’s military has put SKY CTRL systems into service, capable of tracking and jamming all types of drones within a range of 10km.

SKY CTRL is capable of detecting any objects within a 10 km radius, knocking off course and jamming enemy drones. It is developed by Polish company Advanced Protection Systems.

A fundraising campaign to purchase the anti-drone was announced by the IT community DOU and the Kolo charitable foundation in June. The system was delivered to the military in late September.

So far, this is the best system that I and the other units have seen and experienced. It can track all three classes of UAVs and land those that can be landed without an active hit,” a servicemen who received the system, was quoted as saying by

SKY CTRL system contains a modular and configurable radar sensor and a 3D MIMO radar technology that improves performance. The tracking is based on the MHT (multi-hypothesis tracking) algorithm.

The system also includes an acoustic sensor with the possibility of direction finding and a radio frequency sensor with the possibility of a “white list” mode.

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The anti-drone system uses an integrated and automated interference system for neutralizing drones, and special software for monitoring, setting, and control.

The developers emphasize that there are stationary, portable, and mobile modifications of SKY CTRL.

Ukraine will also receive an automatic turntable platform, which was introduced after the purchase. It can take 2 to 3 weeks to supply it.

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