From Fighting Fire to a Firefight: Portugal to Transfer Russian Ka-32A11VS Helicopters to Ukraine

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  • 07:48 AM, October 22, 2022
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From Fighting Fire to a Firefight: Portugal to Transfer Russian Ka-32A11VS Helicopters to Ukraine
Portugal's Ka-32A11VS helicopter @via local media

Portugal has announced the imminent transfer of Ka-32A11VS helicopters it acquired in 2017 for firefighting purposes, to Ukraine to help in its war with Russia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has called on Portugal to refrain from transferring the six fire-fighting helicopters to Kyiv.

Russia says that Lisbon has no right to transfer Russian-made helicopters to anyone without Russia’s consent.

“Russia did not give its consent to such a transfer, especially since Lisbon is transferring Russian helicopters not for the purpose of fighting fires. We call on our colleagues to reconsider, to refrain from steps that completely discredit Portugal as a negotiating partner and cross out the pages of our mutually beneficial and previously mutually respectful cooperation,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Portugal acquired these helicopters from Russia in 2007.

The Ka-32A11VS is designed to perform special search and rescue operations, fire-fighting measures, and evacuation of the sick and wounded. Helicopters of this type are also widely used for high-altitude assembly work, transportation of goods on external suspension, and logging. The co-axle rotors of the Ka-32A11VS carrier system have a number of serious advantages in the stabilization and maneuverability of the helicopter, which allows you to perform complex assembly operations.

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