Russia, Iran Preparing Agreement on Ballistic Missiles Supply

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  • 11:54 AM, November 14, 2022
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Russia, Iran Preparing Agreement on Ballistic Missiles Supply
Iranian ballistic missile: Iran state media

Ukraine’s intelligence agency has confirmed that a draft agreement is being prepared by Russia and Iran on the transfer of ballistic missiles.

“We understand the threat of using ballistic missiles against our state, so today our diplomacy, military intelligence and other structures are very active, which are working hard to prove to the world community how dangerous Iran’s arms supplies to Russia are,” spokesman for the Main Intelligence Agency, Vadym Skybytsky, was quoted as saying by Interfax-Ukraine.

He said Iran changed its position and stopped denying its involvement in the supply of drones to Russia, after Ukraine provided evidence.

“According to Ukrainian military intelligence, this summer Russia signed a contract with Iran for the supply of about 1,750 UAVs of two types – Shahed and Mohajer. The first batch of such UAVs that came to Russia was about 350 units, the second about 250 units,” he said.

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