S.Korea Postpones Air Drills Following KF-16 Crash

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  • 07:26 AM, November 21, 2022
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S.Korea Postpones Air Drills Following KF-16 Crash
ROKAF KF-16 jet @F-16.net

The Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) decided to postpone the biannual Soaring Eagle air exercises planned for this week, after one of its KF-16C jets crashed Sunday.

The KF-16C reportedly crashed due to an unspecified engine issue, leading the ROKAF to halt the operation of all aircraft except for surveillance and emergency assets. Its pilot safely made an emergency ejection in a mountainous area, about 20km west of an air base in Wonju, some 85km east of Seoul.

The Soaring Eagle air exercise was expected to kick off on Monday. The Air Force previously staged this exercise in June, mobilizing some 200 personnel and about 70 warplanes, including F-35As, F-15Ks, KF-16s, F-4Es, F-5s, and E-737 early warning and control aircraft.

Launched in 2008, the Soaring Eagle has been conducted twice a year.

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