Ukraine Army to Create Drone-only Combat Units

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  • 12:38 PM, January 28, 2023
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Ukraine Army to Create Drone-only Combat Units
Ukrainian soldier showing drone operation skills @Ukrainian Army

Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) General Staff (AFU-GS) today announced the creation of strike companies equipped with strike UAVs.
AFU-GS said on its Facebook page that the creation of the special drone units is taking place within the “Army of Drones” project.
The AFU-GS together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation created a Coordination Headquarters with key ministries and services for the full implementation of the project, the General Staff said in the Facebook Post.
The next step will be to scale up the production of drones in order to supply them to the Defense Forces of Ukraine.
Commanders of of the opcoming strike UAV companies have already been selected. Each of them is to receive drones and ammunition, as well as Starlink terminals for communications and other necessary equipment.

Ukraine Army to Create Drone-only Combat Units
Ukrainian soldier with man-portable drone @Ukrainian Army

The General Staff reported that the main partner for the training of assault troops will be the Boryviter Military School.
The military command does not specify which drones these units will be equipped with. These may be kamikaze drones of different classes with different warheads and flight ranges, so the combat tasks can be performed at different distances.
Previously, Ukrainian special unit “Kryla” is creating it own set up of 1,000 FPV kamikaze drones which are guided loitering munition up to a distance of up to 10 kilometers.

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