Rostec to Show Sniper Rifle, Guided Missile & Armored Vehicles at IDEX 2023

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  • 09:57 AM, February 16, 2023
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Rostec to Show Sniper Rifle, Guided Missile & Armored Vehicles at IDEX 2023

Russia’s Rostec State Corporation will present the latest high-precision and small arms, as well as modern armored vehicles, at the upcoming IDEX 2023 International Arms Exhibition (Feb. 20-24) in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Visitors will be able to get acquainted with the Izdeliye 305E guided missile, the Tablet-A complex, as well as the MPO-A small-sized jet flamethrower. For the first time in the Middle East region, a full-scale model of the Chukavin sniper rifle will be shown.

The visitors of the forum will be presented with the products of the High-Precision Complexes, Shvabe, Russian Helicopters, Ruselectronics holdings, as well as the Kalashnikov and Uralvagonzavod concerns.

Design of the Chukavin sniper rifle was developed taking into account modern requirements for the ergonomics of weapons of this class, which allows taking into account the individual characteristics of the shooters, as well as the possibility of using a wide range of combat equipment.

Another regional premiere will be the 30-mm high-explosive incendiary projectile ammunition ZUOF23. It is many times more effective than a regular shot and is a qualitative step in the development of such projectiles through the use of remote controlled detonation. In addition, for the first time abroad, PP1 and PP3 small magnification prismatic sights will be presented, which, thanks to their modular design, allow the user to independently change the seat and install sights on different types of weapons.

Among the new products is also a modernized set of automation control tools "Tablet-A" on an armored chassis, designed for automated preparation and fire control of artillery, mortar installations and MLRS. In addition, visitors will be able to get acquainted with the Izdeliye 305E guided missile used by helicopters to destroy stationary and moving enemy targets. In addition, the Sprut-SDM1 light amphibious tank and the Pantsir-S1M anti-aircraft missile and gun system produced by the High Precision Systems holding will be presented.

In addition, for the first time at IDEX, a small-sized rocket flamethrower in MPO-A thermobaric equipment is exhibited, designed to destroy manpower located in residential and industrial buildings, in defensive structures, as well as in automotive and lightly armored vehicles. The MPO-A jet flamethrower has been adopted by the Russian army. With a relatively small caliber and weight, it has effective damaging properties.

Traditionally, the range of Russian armored vehicles will be widely represented. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to get acquainted with the T-90MS tank, the BT-3F armored personnel carrier, the BMP-3M infantry fighting vehicle, the TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system and the BMPT Terminator tank support combat vehicle.

In the field of air defense, the Verba MANPADS will also be demonstrated to potential customers. Rocket and artillery weapons will be represented by Iskander-E OTRK, 9K515 MLRS (Tornado-S), Khrizantema-S and Kornet-EM anti-tank missile systems.

Much attention is expected to the aviation part of the exposition, which will include models of the Checkmate light tactical aircraft and the Il-76MD-90A (E) military transport aircraft, Ka-52E and Mi-28NE combat helicopters, and the Mi-171Sh military transport helicopter. 

In addition, foreign customers will be presented with means to combat drones, in particular, the Pishchal-PRO complex.

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