Kalashnikov Develops New Reactive Armor for BMP-3 Vehicles

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  • 09:32 AM, February 23, 2023
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Kalashnikov Develops New Reactive Armor for BMP-3 Vehicles
Kalashnikov develops new reactive armor for light armored vehicles

Kalashnikov Concern presented a new mounted dynamic protection system for light armored vehicles such as BMP-3s.

The reactive armor is based on a new element of dynamic protection (EDZ) 4S24. 

Rostec said it is different from the 4S20 previously offered on the market. Its properties ensure that neighboring blocks do not detonate when a grenade or ATGM hits it. Previously, the defeat of one block of dynamic protection led to the failure of several neighboring ones, which increased the area of ​​the unprotected section of the armor. The new element significantly increases the survivability of armored vehicles on the battlefield.

The complex still provides protection against single-block grenades and ATGMs from any direction of fire, penetrating up to 500 mm of steel armor. It was possible to raise the warranty period of storage of EDZ by one and a half times. Element 4S20 was required to be replaced after 10 years, EDZ 4S24 - after 15 years.

Elements 4C20 and 4C24 are interchangeable. Their dimensions and weight are the same, and by simply replacing the elements, it is possible to raise the characteristics of an existing complex with an EDZ 4S20. 

The Steel Research Institute also presented at the exhibition well-developed technical solutions for hinged protection for the BMP-3 and other lightly armored vehicles.

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