Turkish Security Forces Receive 1st Batch of Marine Assault Vehicles

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  • 05:15 AM, March 27, 2023
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Turkish Security Forces Receive 1st Batch of Marine Assault Vehicles

Turkey’s FNSS Defense Systems has handed over the first batch of ZAHA Marine Assault Vehicles (MAV) to the Naval Forces Command.

“We have started the deliveries of the armored amphibious assault vehicle ZAHA to the DzKK (Naval Forces Command), which will provide our marine infantry with a significant advantage in the field,” said Ismail Demir, the head of the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB). “We are one of the two countries in the world with this capability with mine and armor protection, firepower and mobility capabilities.”

A total of 27 ZAHA MAVs are expected to be used as part of the project. Of these, 23 will be personnel, two will be the command, and two will be rescue vehicles.

During the beach landing phase of an amphibious operation, these vehicles are launched from landing helicopter docks. They can rapidly cover the distance between the vessel and the shore, allowing marine units to anchor under armor protection.

Once on land, they can operate alongside other armored vehicles.

Armored amphibious assault vehicles are required to show superior performance at sea and on land as dual-nature vehicles, in line with their role descriptions.

The MAV firepower is provided by the purposely designed ÇAKA dual remote-controlled turret that can be armed with a 12.7 mm MG and a 40 mm AGL.

The vehicle’s hull design and powerful water jets make it highly mobile in the water with a speed of 7 knots and on land at 70 kph (43.50 mph) maximum speed.

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