Japanese NEC's AI-Based Technology can Predict Landmine Presence with 90% Accuracy

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  • 07:02 AM, March 30, 2023
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Japanese NEC's AI-Based Technology can Predict Landmine Presence with 90% Accuracy
Comparison between AI-predicted mine burial area (red circles) and actual burial location (yellow-green dots) @NEC Corp.

NEC Corporation AI-based technology predicted the presence of buried landmines by analyzing data on landscapes and military facilities in conflict zones with 90% accuracy.

NEC’s AI analyzed data from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), such as geographical and geological information, data that included the locations of habitation and important buildings, as well as reports from residents. Using the technology, the time needed in narrowing 800 sites down to probable landmine burial sites can be shortened to a few hours from several years.

The company aims to provide AI landmine prediction services to governments and international organizations by this time next year.

This technology will contribute to the reduction of casualties from landmines, and support their safe and efficient removal. This work was conducted as part of a co-creation project with the ICRC that began in June 2021.

Landmines are often placed so that they are difficult to detect, and because they are buried in areas where people and vehicles frequently pass, they continue to pose a threat to human life, even after conflicts have ended. In 2021, war remnants such as landmines and cluster bombs killed at least 5,554 people worldwide, most of whom were civilians.

The system will incorporate new sources of data in the future such as remote sensing (e.g., data gathered from drones and satellites) to further improve the speed and accuracy of forecasts.

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