BAE Systems to Produce Block 4 Electronic Warfare Systems for Future Lot 17 F-35 Fighter Jets

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  • 12:49 PM, April 4, 2023
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BAE Systems to Produce Block 4 Electronic Warfare Systems for Future Lot 17 F-35 Fighter Jets
F-35A Lightning II fighter

Lockheed Martin awarded BAE Systems $491 million to produce Block 4 electronic warfare (EW) systems for future Lot 17 F-35 Lightning II fighter jets, adding to the 1,200 F-35 EW systems it has delivered to date.

The powerful Block 4 systems will accelerate the delivery of advanced EW capabilities to warfighters by combining adaptable hardware and incremental software updates.

The Block 4 EW systems will include significantly upgraded hardware and software that improves sensing and signal-processing capabilities. New, high-performance sensors will boost the system’s ability to detect difficult-to-observe threats and more threats simultaneously.

The AN/ASQ-239 provides F-35s with fully integrated offensive and defense EW capabilities, including long-range threat warning, self-protection, and targeting support. It provides 360-degree, full-spectrum situational awareness and rapid-response capabilities—allowing the F-35 to evade, engage, counter, and jam threats, and reach well-defended targets.

BAE Systems’ next-generation Storm EW spectrum warfare suite is built on a common core architecture that can be customized for multiple airborne platforms, and can be upgraded in the field with software updates.

The AN/ASQ-239 system is designed and manufactured at BAE Systems’ facilities in Manchester, New Hampshire and Nashua, New Hampshire.

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