Iran Announces New 450km Range Suicide Drone

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  • 03:12 PM, April 10, 2023
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Iran Announces New 450km Range Suicide Drone
Iran's Me’raj 532 suicide drone

Fresh from the success of its Shahed-136 suicide drone in Ukraine, Iran announced a new suicide drone with a range of 450 kilometers, up from the Shahed's 70 km reach.
Head of IRGC Ground Force’s Research Organization, General Ali Kouhestani said on Sunday that the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), dubbed Me’raj 532 is driven by a piston engine has a one-way range of 450 kilometers.
The kamikaze drone is capable of flying up to a height of 12,000 feet for 3 hours and taking off from a vehicle.
“With its 50-kilogram warhead, the drone can hit the desired targets with high accuracy. Additionally, the drone’s design is of the easy set-up type, reducing the time of its preparation and increasing the speed of reaction and use,” Kouhestani continued.

Iran Announces New 450km Range Suicide Drone
Shahed 136 drone

While Iran denies the use of its drones by the Russians in Ukraine, the latter has displayed several damaged and captured Shahed-136 drones with Russian markings but looking like exact replicas of the Iranian drones.
Last week the Pentagon included a new laser-guided rocket system in a military aid package to Ukraine specifically to take out the Shahed-136 drones which have been used in attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure targets.

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