Iran Tests Top-attack Anti-tank Munition

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  • 08:46 AM, April 16, 2023
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Iran Tests Top-attack Anti-tank Munition
Iran's top attack munition

Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) claims successful test of a top attack anti-tank missile, named ‘Sadid-365’ launched from an armored vehicle.
With this test, the IRGC has in place ground launched as well as drone launched top-attack munition. The missile performs similar to the U.S.Army's 'Excalubur' top attack munition, Tasnim news reported Saturday.
A top-attack munition attacks a tank from its most vulnerable spot, the area around the hatch opening which is made from relatively light-wieght steel as compared to the front and sides of the tank.
Head of the Research and Self-Sufficiency Organization of the IRGC Ground Force General Ali Kouhestani told Tasnim on Saturday that Sadid-365 is a guided anti-tank missile with a range of 8 kilometers that can destroy various armored vehicles.
Sadid-365 is an optically guided missile with high precision that strikes the target from above and can even defeat the active protection system (APS) of tanks, he explained.
The general said the IRGC experts are going to optimize the missile in the next phase and equip it with folding fins and a new fire control system.
He noted that the IRGC Ground Force’s personnel carriers will be furnished with four Sadid-365 missiles, two installed on each side of the turret.
In July 2021, the IRGC unveiled the ground-launched version of Almas anti-tank missile, a top attack weapon that can hit targets within a range of 8 kilometers.
The IRGC had already developed the air-launched version of Almas missile fired by the Ababil-III drones.

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