Turkey Unveils Bayratkar UAV-Launched 'Kagem' Suicide Drones

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  • 10:06 AM, April 27, 2023
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Turkey Unveils Bayratkar UAV-Launched 'Kagem' Suicide Drones
KEMANKE? (KAGEM) Winged Mobile Ammunition developed by BAYKAR

A Turkish firm has displayed KEMANKEŞ (KAGEM) Winged Mobile Ammunition developed by BAYKAR for the first time.

KAGEM will have a range of more than 50km, Turkish media reported today.

The KEMANKEŞ Dolan Ammunition, mentioned by BAYKAR Chairman of the Board Selçuk Bayraktar as the 'Mini Navigation Missile', was displayed for the first time during TEKNOFEST 2023.

Developed by BAYKAR to be used against strategic targets, KEMANKES is a winged floating ammunition. KEMANKES Ammunition, which will be used from AKINCI TİHA, BAYRAKTAR TB2 and BAYRAKTAR TB3 SİHAs, has a range of 50+ kilometers.

KEMANKEŞ KAGEM, which has an airtime of 1 hour, can quickly head towards its target thanks to its turbojet engine. KAGEM, which also has the ability to perform autonomous flight, has been specially designed to destroy strategic targets behind the front.

KEMANKES, equipped with artificial intelligence-assisted optical guidance, can operate up to an altitude of 18,000ft. The normal cruising speed of the ammunition, which can dive to its target with a maximum speed of 0.7 Mach, is 0.3 Mach.

With a length of 1.73 meters and a wingspan of 1.25 meters, KEMANKES KAGEM can carry a useful load of 6 kilograms. Circulating ammunition with a maximum weight of 30 kilograms; It is equipped with a camera system with 2-axis stabilization, 36x zoom and a laser rangefinder with a range of 2.8 kilometers. It is estimated that BAYKAR is also working on heavier and longer ranged ammunition.

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