Ukraine, Russia Rush to Develop Ground Mobile Mines

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  • 07:08 AM, May 1, 2023
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Ukraine, Russia Rush to Develop Ground Mobile Mines
TM-62 anti-tank mines fitted on UGVs operated by Ukraine and Russia @via social media

Ukraine and Russia are racing to develop new weapons in anticipation of the coming summer offensive by Kyiv; seen recently are mines mounted on small remotely operated ground vehicles.

These toy-car sized vehicles, barely bigger than the mines themselves, can be sent in the path of approaching tanks or armored vehicles and triggered to explode underneath.

The Russians recently demonstrated AV 04.2 UGV with a TM-62 anti-tank mine installed. They are also reportedly considering the possibility of creating these ground “kamikaze drones” on tracks.

While the Russian version is equipped with only one mine, the Ukrainian version can carry up to two ТМ-62 anti-tank mines.

Analysts from Ukraine Weapons Warfare said that Ukrainian forces are already actively testing the RATEL ground drone.

Tests of the RATEL strike ground drone are reported to have been successful.

“The main idea is that this RATEL is used as a mobile warhead that carries two ТМ-62 anti-tank mines and the purpose of which is to activate under a vehicle or tank,” analysts say.

Inside the ТМ-62 mine hull, there is a charge of explosives, and a fuze was installed on top.

The mass of the explosive is 7.5-8kg.

The explosion occurs when a tank track or a car wheel hits the top cover of the mine, but experts have probably converted the mine for remote detonation.

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