Day after Kremlin Attack, Drones Banned in Moscow

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  • 06:20 AM, May 4, 2023
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Day after Kremlin Attack, Drones Banned in Moscow
Russia imposes "No drones" rule in Moscow @via state media

A day after Ukraine allegedly targeted Kremlin, Moscow authorities implemented a ban on all unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) flying over the city except those necessary for state needs.

The protocol on the matter was signed during a meeting of the Moscow crisis center, the City Hall was quoted as saying by government-owned TASS on Wednesday.

"The document signed regulates the order of issuing permits for the flights of unmanned aerial vehicles over the city. Such permits will now be issued only for government needs," the authorities said.

Additionally, during the meeting it was decided to bolster work on intercepting illegal drone flights and holding individuals and organizations liable for violating airspace rules and regulations.

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