Russia Trials Drone-based Version of Krasnopol Guided Artillery

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  • 07:50 AM, May 22, 2023
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Russia Trials Drone-based Version of Krasnopol Guided Artillery
Krasnopol precision-guided artillery munition

A pilot project involving a drone-based version of the Krasnopol guided artillery munition has been carried out by Russia’s Rostec State Corporation.

Rostec’s High Precision Systems told TASS during the MILEX-2023 arms and equipment expo that the development of the modified drone-based guided munition is complete. “We have carried out a trial use with positive results," the company added.

The Krasnopol guided artillery complex includes a high-explosive guided shell and a laser target designator. The 152-mm shell can be used with all types of artillery systems, including modern Msta and Koalitsiya self-propelled howitzers. The munition can travel up to 20 km and has a payload of 8 kg. The target designator can follow up to three targets.

The latest shell version is made in 155-mm caliber and features increased range and precision against small targets. In addition, the munition can be used at any time of day, including in dense clouds and strong winds.

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