Russia Developing New MLRS 'Sarma,'with Guided Rockets Firing, Higher Mobility

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  • 07:40 AM, June 2, 2023
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Russia Developing New MLRS 'Sarma,'with Guided Rockets Firing, Higher Mobility
Latest variant of Russian 9A52-4 Kama 300mm rocket launcher @via Russian media

Russia is reportedly working on creation of a new 300mm ‘Sarma’ MLRS with increased mobility.

According to Russian state media, the system will be able to use guided munitions.

The Sarma MLRS will be a continuation of the Kama MRL project, which was built on the KamAZ chassis.

The new MLRS will have increased mobility and protection, being able, in particular, to use precision-guided munitions.

The rocket launcher will reportedly be equipped with an improved automated fire control system.

Russian troops currently use 300mm guided missiles with the Tornado-S MLRS. Such rocket projectiles are equipped with an inertial navigation system with satellite adjustment, which allows it to accurately strike different targets.

The 9А52-4 rocket-launcher vehicle of the 300mm 9К58 Kama MLRS was introduced ​​in 2007.

The launcher had 6 rails instead of 12 (as on the Smerch MLRS) and was created on the chassis of the КамАЗ-6350 with the 8×8 wheel formula.

Currently, three 300mm multiple rocket launchers are in service with the Russian army, namely: Smerch MLRS, Tornado-S MLRS in its modernized version and Uragan-M1 MLRS. The latter system is presented ​​in a small number.

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