First Modernized Argentine Medium Tank Completes Technical Evaluation

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  • 12:36 PM, July 17, 2023
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First Modernized Argentine Medium Tank Completes Technical Evaluation
TAM 2CA2 battle tank @Argentina MoD

Argentina has completed the technical evaluation of its modernized medium tank (TAM) to its 2CA2 version clearing the way for its serial production.

The modernization was conducted by the Israeli company Elbit Systems together with an Argentina’s Industrias Metalúrgicas Pescarmona Sociedad Anónima (IMPSA).

“Today is a very important day because we are not only seeing the first vehicle finished, but we are also observing the production underway of the second, the entire modernization process, which is an agreement between two large companies, a foreign one that is Elbit and a national company with a majority of state capital that is IMPSA,” Minister of Defense, Jorge Taiana, said in a recent statement.

The TAM 2C project proposes to modernize 74 TAM tanks in five years, with a complementary stage of 30 additional units, estimating that more than 100 tanks will be manufactured in the foreseen time. The army aspires to have received between 10 and 12 tanks by the end of 2023.

First Modernized Argentine Medium Tank Completes Technical Evaluation
TAM 2CA2 battle tank @Argentina MoD

IMPSA was hired to carry out the metal-mechanical part, while the optronic instruments were provided by Elbit Systems.

The TAM 2CA2’s overall dimensions and weight allow for easy transportation and deployment. The tank's turret is armed with a Rheinmetall Rh-105-30 105mm smoothbore gun manufactured in Argentina as the FM K.4 Modelo 1L. One of the notable features of the TAM 2CA2 is its advanced fire control system which enables the tank to engage targets accurately and efficiently, even on the move. The tank's onboard computer systems enhance its operational capabilities, providing the crew with vital information and improving overall situational awareness on the battlefield.

Around 70% of the components, spare parts and supplies for the maintenance of these units are of national origin.

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