French DGA Receives Final Batch of VT4 Tactical Vehicles

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  • 08:14 AM, July 28, 2023
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French DGA Receives Final Batch of VT4 Tactical Vehicles
Standard 2 VT4 tactical vehicle @Arquus

French defense procurement agency DGA received the last batch of ten standard 2 VT4 tactical vehicles on Wednesday.

A total of 4,380 VT4 vehicles were delivered to the three armies, the Operational Energy Service, the Joint Munitions Service and the National Guard.

Light and versatile, unarmored command and liaison vehicle, designed to carry 5 soldiers or 4 combatants equipped with the Félin system, the VT4 ensures the rapid movement of soldiers on all types of terrain, on national territory - in particular for urgent interventions as part of Operation Sentinel security missions – and in stabilized theaters of external operations.

Standard 2 offers many new functionalities in addition to those of standard 1, which allow it in particular to integrate information and communication systems and to be projected on theaters. It is also designed to be air transportable, in order to give it an additional dimension of tactical mobility.

Arquus has produced the VT4 since 2018 in its Saint-Nazaire factory, via the militarization of a commercial range 4x4. The adaptations made consist in particular in reinforcing the all-terrain capability of the vehicle, in pre-equipping it for the integration of radio sets and an operational information system as well as in equipping it with weapon mounts and removable window protection.

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