Russia Training Soldiers to Hit Western Tanks with Armor-Penetrating Grenades

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  • 09:46 AM, August 2, 2023
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Russia Training Soldiers to Hit Western Tanks with Armor-Penetrating Grenades
Russian troops learn how to destroy Western-made hardware on Sakhalin Island @Russia MoD

Russian servicemen are training to hit western battle tanks with armor-penetrating grenades.

In an official statement, Russian defense ministry said the servicemen of the Eastern MD’s Army Corps and volunteers are currently undergoing RPG-7V man-portable anti-tank grenade launcher firing drills.

In the course of the drills, servicemen and volunteers fire at targets imitating enemy armored fighting vehicles, tanks and other hardware, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine deploy in the special military operation zone.

They also use grenade launchers to eliminate targets imitating enemy manpower in light shelters and urban buildings.

At the Eastern MD’ Army Corps firing range, servicemen deploy overcalibre cumulative anti-tank grenades. These are capable of penetrating thick armor plating and allow to effectively fight against all types of modern tanks, armored personnel carriers and self-propelled artillery howitzers of the enemy, the ministry said.

Experienced instructors and the special military operation veterans teach servicemen to hit the most vulnerable parts of hardware. For this purpose, the servicemen and volunteers study Western-made military hardware during theoretical classes.

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