Turkish Firm Unveils First Unmanned Underwater Glider Narval 504-P, RAMPUS UUV

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  • 04:27 PM, August 4, 2023
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Turkish Firm Unveils First Unmanned Underwater Glider Narval 504-P, RAMPUS UUV
NARVAL 504-P unmanned underwater glider @Naval News

Turkish firm Sonitus showcased mockup of the Narval 504-P unmanned underwater glider and RAMPUS UUV at IDEF 2023 exhibition held last week in Istanbul.

The underwater glider’s endurance at sea exceeds six months, and both products can be used for both military and civilian applications.

The stealthy Narval 504-P is an advanced underwater vehicle that can move at depths of 500m at maximum speed of 2 knots. It is used to monitor enemy threats, conduct strategic operations and perform military missions such as surveillance, reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, and submarine & mine detection. By combining or replacing various modules, the performance and features of the Narval 504-P can be tailored to specific missions.

The glider uses a propeller system to provide propulsion in case of an emergency. Operators can more precisely control the direction and movement of the glider. This is a great advantage for working in tight spaces an evading enemy threats.

The Narval 504-P is capable of operating for 4 hours at depths of up to 500 meters. Potential dangers and mysteries in the depths can be solved by effective use of military underwater gliders, allowing strategic operations to be successfully carried out.

Rampus is capable of carrying out operations up to a depth of 1000 meters on a predefined route, by remote control within range and autonomously outside the range. It a deep-water sealed hull structure, high-strength materials and high-quality components.

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