Japan to Develop Indigenous Missile for Sixth-gen Fighter jet

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  • 04:57 AM, August 29, 2023
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Japan to Develop Indigenous Missile for Sixth-gen Fighter jet
Artist's impression of fighter being developed by Japan, Britain and Italy @Japan MoD

Japan, in collaboration with Britain and Italy, has strategic plans to create a novel missile for the upcoming generation of fighter jets that are jointly being developed.

The intention is to incorporate these missiles into the fighter jets upon their initial deployment in Japan by 2035, an insider source was quoted as saying by Mainichi Japan on Monday.

A comprehensive assessment involving Japan and Britain regarding the optimal armaments for the new fighter aircraft to be employed by Japan's Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) has indicated that initially, a domestically developed air-to-air missile would offer better performance at a more economical price point compared to the European-developed air-to-air Meteor missile.

Looking ahead, Japan is considering enhancing its new fighters by integrating missiles used by British and Italian military planes, as per the source.

This joint fighter jet initiative was introduced in December 2022 by Japan and two NATO members. Notably, this is Japan's first non-U.S. defense collaboration.

Japan plans to replace about 90 aging F-2 fighters and 240 Eurofighter jets with these new aircraft.

Currently, the three nations are working on the basic design of the aircraft body and engine details.

The Meteor missile, developed by six European nations, is used in Eurofighters and is being considered for the new fighter jets. Additionally, modifications to an ASDF C-2 transport aircraft will enable electronic system flight tests. The initiative also prioritizes AI research for drone integration, aiming to boost fighter jet operational efficiency.

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