Massive Ukrainian Drone Attack on Russian Airports, Sea bases, Several IL-76 Planes on Fire

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  • 06:24 AM, August 30, 2023
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Massive Ukrainian Drone Attack on Russian Airports, Sea bases, Several IL-76 Planes on Fire
Explosion lights up the sky as Russia repels drone attack on Pskov @via Telegram

In the early hours of Wednesday, a massive Ukrainian drone attack targeted various regions in Russia, causing fires at airports and naval bases and damaging Il-76 planes.

Russian air defense units countered some attacks, while drone boats attempted an assault on Sevastopol's bay in Crimea but were repelled by anti-submarine forces.

Pskov experienced a drone attack at its airport, resulting in damage to Il-76 planes and temporary air traffic restrictions. Pskov airport is located 700km from the border with Ukraine.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported downing Ukrainian drones in the Bryansk, Oryol, Ryazan, and Kaluga Regions. Moscow airports briefly closed due to intercepted drones, but restrictions were lifted.

The Black Sea Fleet thwarted the drone boat attack on Sevastopol, with swift anti-submarine response.

Russian authorities are investigating the coordinated attacks and assessing UAV technology and origins, raising concerns about motives behind the assault on Russian territories.

Did Ukraine use Bober drones for the attack?

The majority of the areas where drones were detected or targets were struck lie within a range of 100-700km from the Ukrainian border.

Ukrainian news source Militarnyi reported that local residents captured a distinct audio signature of the unidentified drones on video, indicating the presence of an internal combustion engine. Considering the flight range and these factors, it can be inferred that these drones were likely of Ukrainian origin, specifically Bober drones.

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