Turkish Havelsan's Combat Management System for Indonesia's Upcoming Arrowhead 140 Frigates

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  • 06:08 AM, September 8, 2023
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Turkish Havelsan's Combat Management System for Indonesia's Upcoming Arrowhead 140 Frigates
Illustration showing the working concept of the ADVENT CMS @Havelsan

Turkish firm Havelsan will supply its ‘Advent’ Combat management system (A-CMS) for Indonesia’s upcoming ‘Merah Putih’ Arrowhead 140 frigates.

The Indonesian media has reported on this matter.

According to Havelsan, ADVENT represents a command-and-control system designed to cater to the needs of a force-oriented, network-enabled operational approach, rather than being specific to a single ship. It allows complete integration of tactical data link functions such as Link 11, Link 16, Link 22, SIMPLE, JREAP, and VMF across all operator consoles. ADVENT boasts decision support systems and an architecture that expedites user decision-making processes and offers flexibility in the utilization of new weaponry and sensors. It has been developed in a modular format suitable for various multi-task profiles and platform types, making it platform agnostic. With its adaptable open architecture, ADVENT can be configured for use on surface, underwater, and airborne platforms, as well as land facilities.

Merah Putih frigate

In August of last year, PT PAL initiated the construction of the initial two units of the 'Merah Putih' frigate, which boasts dimensions of 140 meters in length and a displacement of 5,996 tons. Indonesia acquired the ship design exclusively from Babcock International, with PT PAL overseeing the construction, assisted by the British company. The general-purpose frigate design was derived from either the British Arrowhead 140 or the Danish Iver Huitfeldt.

A variety of weapons systems have been proposed to fulfill the ship's requirements, including a 12-cell vertical launch system (VLS) for medium-range surface-to-air missiles (SAMs), a separate 12-cell VLS for long-range SAMs, a 16-cell VLS for surface-to-surface missiles, two 76 mm naval guns, and a 35 mm short-range weapon system (CIWS).

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