Denmark 'Empties' Army's Storage as it Donates $821M Arms to Ukraine

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  • 11:29 AM, September 18, 2023
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Denmark 'Empties' Army's Storage as it Donates $821M Arms to Ukraine
Caeser artillery guns donated by Denmark to Ukraine

A new donation package worth 5.8 billion DKK ($821 million) including tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, ammunition and anti-craft guns has "almost emptied" the storages of its armed forces.

“With today’s donation package ..., we have almost emptied the storages of the Armed Forces. This is why we are now looking into more targeted joint purchases and international collaborations that are tailored to meet Ukrainian needs,” said Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs Lars Rasmussen in a statement Sunday.

Denmark is sending the twelfth and largest donation package to Ukraine since the (Russian) invasion, the Danish ministry of defense said.

Denmark 'Empties' Army's Storage as it Donates $821M Arms to Ukraine
Danish Leopard tanks donated to Ukraine

The donation package is conditional on grant authorization from The Finance Committee.

“Countries like Denmark has to maintain their military and economic support to Ukraine, as it is essential for their ability to keep defending themselves against Russia’s illegal invasion. Denmark is contributing to this with the largest economic support so far within the framework of the group of countries who, under American leadership, meet continuously at the base in Ramstein,” said tMinister of Defence Troels Lund Poulsen.

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