Russia Employs AI-Powered Robots for Mine Deployment, Troop Evacuation in Ukraine

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  • 01:15 PM, October 4, 2023
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Russia Employs AI-Powered Robots for Mine Deployment, Troop Evacuation in Ukraine
BRG-1 robotic vehicle @via social media

Russia is integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into ground-based robotic vehicles, specifically the BR-1 and BRG-1 models, to facilitate mine deployment and the evacuation of injured personnel within the Ukrainian conflict zone.

"Artificial intelligence based on the machine vision technology will be shortly installed on BR-1 and BRG-1 platforms. The systems will be capable of carrying out combat duty on their own without human participation. The tests of the platforms outfitted with artificial intelligence are due to take place already in October this year," a source in the domestic defense industry told TASS on Wednesday.

This AI system, powered by machine vision technology, is set to be swiftly implemented on these platforms, enabling them to autonomously perform combat duties without human intervention. Testing of these AI-equipped platforms is scheduled for October of this year.

As of now, human operators control these vehicles. However, with the introduction of AI, these platforms will gain the capability to conduct continuous surveillance of specific areas, utilizing cameras and thermal imaging technology to monitor movements.

Efforts are also underway to extend the operational range of these platforms, aiming to increase it from 700 meters to 3 kilometers without the need for a rebroadcasting transmitter, with completion expected by the end of September.

Since 2023, Russian military forces have been utilizing BR-1 and BRG-1 robotic platforms in the special military operation zone in Ukraine. These robotic vehicles have been developed in collaboration between the People's Front and an undisclosed Russian scientific and production association. It has previously been reported that more than 90% of the components used in these robotic platforms are sourced from domestic materials.

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