Israeli Forces Disable Hamas Air Surveillance Network 'Hidden in Water Heaters' in Gaza Strip

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  • 01:21 PM, October 11, 2023
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Israeli Forces Disable Hamas Air Surveillance Network 'Hidden in Water Heaters' in Gaza Strip
Israel's military strikes Hamas target @IDF

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) successfully dismantled the Hamas air surveillance system in the Gaza Strip, according to a statement released by the IDF's press service.

The IDF reported that the Hamas movement had established a clandestine network of high-quality cameras concealed within water heaters across the Gaza Strip over the years. These cameras were utilized by Hamas to monitor the airspace and gain crucial intelligence.

This operation comes in the wake of heightened tensions in the region, with recent rocket attacks from Gaza into Israeli territory and the subsequent infiltration of Palestinian militants into southern Israel.

In response to the threat posed by this surveillance network, Israeli forces executed precise strikes on all identified targets within the system. This strategic move effectively deprived Hamas of its ability to obtain real-time information about the airspace in the region.

Earlier in the ongoing conflict, Israeli media reported that the IDF had targeted the residence of Mohammed Ad-Deif, the commander of the Hamas military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigade. The attack resulted in the unfortunate loss of lives among the commander's relatives, though Mohammed Ad-Deif's whereabouts remained unknown at the time of the report.

In response to these developments, Israel initiated a widespread mobilization of reserves and formally announced the commencement of "Operation Iron Swords" against Hamas within the Gaza Strip. The situation remains volatile as both sides grapple with the ongoing conflict and its consequences.

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