Australian Defense Firm Commences F-35 Fighter Brake pads, Wheels Repair

After Australian Air Force, Rosebank Engineering will Offer Similar Services to Asia-Pacific F-35 Operators
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  • 07:48 AM, October 30, 2023
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Australian Defense Firm Commences F-35 Fighter Brake pads, Wheels Repair
RAAF F-35A Lightning II fighter

Rosebank Engineering, an Australian company, has officially launched its F-35 Lightning II wheels and brakes repair depot at its Bayswater facility in Melbourne, Victoria.

Head of Aerospace Systems Division, Air Vice-Marshal Graham Edwards, welcomed Rosebank’s activation of the depot under the F-35 Global Support Solution for aircraft operating in, or deployed to, the Indo-Pacific Region.

The company will provide critical support for the global F-35 Program in the Indo-Pacific Region, including Australia’s fleet of F-35A aircraft.

“This activation of the repair service is an important contribution to the F-35 enterprise in the Indo-Pacific region,” Air Vice-Marshal Edwards said.

Australia's role in the F-35 program has been steadily growing, with the global F-35 fleet now exceeding 975 aircraft, on its way to an expected global fleet of over 3,000. Over 70 Australian companies have collectively secured more than $4.13 billion in contracts related to global F-35 production and maintenance.

Rosebank Engineering's endeavor has been made possible through partnerships with key entities, including the F-35 Joint Program Office, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Honeywell, and the Australian Department of Defence.

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