Russians Bomb Ukrainian Bunker from Below

Half a ton of explosives was strategically placed below Ukrainian bunker: Russian media
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  • 10:38 AM, November 23, 2023
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Russians Bomb Ukrainian Bunker from Below
Russians Bomb Ukrainian Bunker from Below

In an unusual tactic, Russian Forces in the Ukrainian region of Avdiivka dug a tunnel under a fortified bunker of the Ukrainian Army and planted a powerful bomb.

The explosion not only destroyed the fortified position but created a huge crater. Casualties are not known but several soldiers are seen exiting the caved-in bunker.

Employing this method, half a ton of explosives was strategically placed, resulting in a powerful explosion that obliterated the Ukrainian position. Subsequent footage, shared online, depicts Russian soldiers approaching and using grenades against the Ukrainian trenches, causing the nationalists to retreat, leaving behind a wounded comrade. The remnants of the stronghold fell under Russian control, reported.

The use of shovels in the assault on the Avdiivka fortified area by Russian troops has been previously observed, a tactic attributed to the formidable defensive structures constructed by the Ukrainian military over nine years. Opting for earthworks instead of a direct assault, the Russian military's strategy proved effective, the report said.

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