Japan Gets Clearance to Buy AMRAAM and AIM-9X Sidewinder Missiles for $283M

Two Separate Deals Totaling $283M for AMRAAM and Sidewinder Missiles approved by the U.S.
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  • 08:33 AM, December 16, 2023
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Japan Gets Clearance to Buy AMRAAM and AIM-9X Sidewinder Missiles for $283M
AIM 120 air-to-air missile @U.S. DoD

The U.S. State Department has granted approval for two separate Foreign Military Sales to the Government of Japan, encompassing AIM-120C-8 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAM) and AIM-9X Block II Sidewinder Missiles, with an estimated combined cost of $283 million.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) notified Congress of these potential sales on December 15, 2023.

The proposed AIM-120C-8 AMRAAM sale to Japan includes 120 AIM-120C-8 AMRAAM missiles and 3 AIM-120C-8 guidance sections, along with AIM-120 Captive Air Training Missiles (CATM), missile containers, control section spares, as well as related equipment and support. The total estimated cost for this proposed sale is $224 million.

In a separate transaction, the State Department has also given the green light for the sale of AIM-9X Block II Sidewinder Missiles to Japan. The requested items include 44 AIM-9X Sidewinder Block II Tactical Missiles, 29 AIM-9X Sidewinder Captive Air Training Missiles (CATM), and related equipment and support. The estimated total program cost for this sale is $59.03 million.

Both proposed sales aim to enhance Japan's capability to address current and future threats, defending its homeland and supporting U.S. personnel stationed in the region, the DSCA said. The deals are framed within the context of Japan's annual purchase of AMRAAMs.

The principal contractor for both transactions is identified as RTX Corporation, based in Tucson, AZ.

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