Russian Airborne Forces Received Over 2.5K Units of Weapons, Equipment in 2023

Ministry of Defense Report Highlights Acquisition of Modern Tanks, Combat Vehicles, and Anti-Aircraft Systems
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  • 09:45 AM, January 1, 2024
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Russian Airborne Forces Received Over 2.5K Units of Weapons, Equipment in 2023

Russian Airborne Forces have undergone a significant boost in their arsenal, as the Ministry of Defense recently declared the receipt of over 2,500 units of various weapons, military, and special equipment throughout the year 2023.

The official statement highlights the active efforts in equipping the Airborne Forces with contemporary weaponry and equipment, with more than 780 of the latest and modern models incorporated into formations and military units. The comprehensive update includes a diverse range of military assets.

Among the notable acquisitions are the T-90M Proryv tanks, which constitute the latest additions to the heavy weaponry at the disposal of the Airborne Forces. Additionally, the forces are now equipped with BMD-4M airborne combat vehicles, BTR-MDM "Rakushka," and BTR-82A armored personnel carriers, further diversifying their armored capabilities.

In a bid to enhance combat capabilities, the Airborne Forces have integrated multiple rocket launcher systems (MLRS) such as "Uragan" and "Grad," heavy flamethrower systems like "Solntsepek," and T-72 B3M tanks. Furthermore, modernized self-propelled guns "Nona-S" and "Vena," as well as improved 120-mm mortar systems "Sani," have been introduced into their artillery resources.

To address the threat of enemy air targets, the Airborne Forces have incorporated the Verba man-portable anti-aircraft missile system, actively deploying it across airborne units. The comprehensive modernization of the Airborne Forces' weaponry and equipment represents a strategic effort to strengthen their military capabilities.