First FLIR Pod Delivered for Turkey's T-129 ATAK Helicopter

ASELFLIR-400 will be installed on T-129 ATAK, GOKBEY, T-70 and S-70 aircraft
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  • 10:29 AM, January 2, 2024
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First FLIR Pod Delivered for Turkey's T-129 ATAK Helicopter

Turkey’s ASELSAN has handed over the first ASELFLIR-400 Electro-Optical Reconnaissance, Targeting, and Surveillance System for use on Turkish platforms such as the homegrown T-129 ATAK attack helicopter.

This advanced system is designed to serve as the primary sensory apparatus for both air and land platforms, contributing to Turkey's strategic goal of minimizing reliance on foreign technologies in the electro-optics sector.

The announcement follows extensive testing of the ASELFLIR-500 throughout 2023. The ASELFLIR-500 is specifically engineered to play a pivotal role in National Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) platforms, solidifying Turkey's position in the expanding field of unmanned aerial capabilities.

The initial delivery of the ASELFLIR-400, tailored for rotary-wing air platforms and land vehicles, was completed before the conclusion of 2023.

First FLIR Pod Delivered for Turkey's T-129 ATAK Helicopter
T-129 ATAK helicopter

The ASELFLIR-400 is expected to be integrated into various platforms, including the T129 ATAK Attack Helicopter and General Purpose Helicopters such as GÖKBEY, T-70, and S-70. Additionally, different versions of the ASELFLIR-400 are foreseen to be utilized in Pedestal Mounted CİRİT/Tactical Missile Weapon System vehicles, developed by Roketsan.

Key features of the ASELFLIR-400 include higher resolution and a more compact structure compared to its predecessor, ASELFLIR-300T/D. With a range of 20 kilometers, the system is equipped with a High-Performance Infrared Camera, Full HD Color Daytime Camera, Laser Distance Finder, and advanced image processing capabilities.

The applications of the ASELFLIR-400 encompass targeting systems, border/coast guard operations, and long-distance detection, diagnosis, and recognition.

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