Artis Unveils Sentinel Third-Generation Active Protection System to Defend Against Top-Attack Threats

Sentinel can safeguard vehicles and infrastructure from tank-fired rounds, anti-tank guided missiles, rocket-propelled grenades and loitering munitions
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Artis Unveils Sentinel Third-Generation Active Protection System to Defend Against Top-Attack Threats
Iron Fist Active Protection Systems (APS) @Elbit Systems

Virginia-based defense contractor Artis has introduced the Sentinel third-generation Active Protection System (APS), aiming to revolutionize armored vehicle protection and address a critical gap in the U.S. Army's defense capabilities by offering protection against attacks from above.

The announcement comes after the Army evaluated Artis's Iron Curtain APS years ago for combat vehicles but chose not to adopt the technology. Iron Curtain was the only U.S.-based APS solution for Army combat vehicles.

Now, Artis is showcasing the Sentinel, which it asserts is capable of defeating top-attack threats, a concern that has gained prominence due to the proliferation of such threats in conflicts like the Russia-Ukraine war.

Artis asserts that the Sentinel has demonstrated the ability to safeguard vehicles and infrastructure from a wide range of direct-fire threats, including tank-fired rounds, anti-tank guided missiles, rocket-propelled grenades, and loitering munitions, commonly known as exploding drones.

The U.S. Army initiated efforts in 2016 to rapidly field interim solutions to protect Abrams tanks, Stryker combat vehicles, and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. While the Army initially selected Artis's Iron Curtain as an interim protection system in 2017 for the Stryker, it ultimately decided against fielding the system after testing and demonstration in 2018.

The focus was initially on sabot rounds and chain gun threats, but the Sentinel has proven effective against top-attack threats as well. “Not only can Sentinel defeat top-attack threats, but we can also defeat tank-fired rounds, sabot rounds, things of that nature,” the company’s president, Keith Brendley, told Defense News.

Sentinel also provides multi-shot protection with low collateral damage. Unlike its predecessor, the Iron Curtain, the Sentinel offers enhanced capabilities, with users able to steer its munitions and make instantaneous adjustments based on sensor data.

One remarkable feature of the Sentinel is its versatility in configuration. Countermeasures can be distributed around the vehicle, and the system allows for shooting up or down at different angles without requiring close proximity to a sensor.

The arrangement allows for the countermeasures to be distributed around the vehicle, Brendley added. “I think the remarkable difference is in how you can configure the system…You can use different sensors, which we are. And No. 2, the countermeasures don’t have to cantilever far from the vehicle. They can be right up against the vehicle, then fire out at an angle.”

Artis has been actively showcasing the Sentinel's capabilities at a West Virginia range, engaging with the U.S. Army and prime contractors building various platforms that could benefit from active protection.

Brendley expressed international interest in the Sentinel, particularly in the Middle East.

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