Italian Astore UAV to be Armed with Turkish CIRIT Missile

CIRIT-equipped Astore UAV to bolster Italian Air Force before MQ-9 Block 5 UCAV delivery.
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  • 03:02 PM, January 10, 2024
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Italian Astore UAV to be Armed with Turkish CIRIT Missile
Astore UAV

The Italian Air Force is set to bolster its capabilities with the inclusion of the Leonardo-developed Astore UAV armed with the CİRİT Laser Guided Missile, a product of Turkey's Roketsan.

The Astore SİHA, equipped with the precision-guided CİRİT Missile, is intended to strengthen the Italian Air Force's inventory, strategically addressing the interim period before the delivery of MQ-9 Block 5 UCAVs from the United States, Turkish media reported.

The CİRİT Laser Guided Missile is utilized against various targets, including lightly armored/unarmored vehicles and both fixed and moving targets. It is currently employed by multiple foreign platforms, such as the T129 ATAK Attack Helicopter, AH-1W SuperCobra Attack Helicopter, and Pedestal Mounted CİRİT Vehicle.

Italian Astore UAV to be Armed with Turkish CIRIT Missile
CIRIT Missile

The Astore UAV, armed with the CİRİT Missile, has undergone firing tests in Bangladesh. However, confirmation is awaited on whether Astore UAVs in the Bangladesh Air Force inventory are armed with CİRİT Missiles.

The CİRİT Missile, featuring a diameter of 2.75 inches (70mm), a range spanning 1.5 to 8 kilometers, and a warhead capable of piercing armor, targeting personnel, and incendiary actions, underscores its adaptability against various threats. Its guidance system utilizes intermediate stage guidance with MEMS-AÖB terminal guidance and a semi-active laser seeker, ensuring precision in targeting.

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