Indonesian MoD to Integrate Turkish ATMACA Missile into 41 Warships

ATMACA will be armed on Fatahillah Class Corvettes, FPB-57 Class Patrol Boats and Parchim Class Corvettes
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  • 08:25 AM, January 24, 2024
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Indonesian MoD to Integrate Turkish ATMACA Missile into 41 Warships
ATMACA Missile @Roketsan

The Indonesian Navy is gearing up to integrate the Turkish ATMACA Anti-Ship Missile into a total of 41 warships.

According to SavunmaSanayiST, missile maker Roketsan will begin shipment of ATMACA missiles to Indonesia soon.

The procurement plan stems from a supply contract signed between Roketsan, the Turkish defense contractor, and the Indonesian Ministry of Defense in November 2022.

The integration of ATMACA Anti-Ship Missiles is slated to include various naval platforms, notably the Fatahillah Class Corvettes, FPB-57 Class Patrol Boats, and Parchim Class Corvettes. Parchim are small anti-submarine ships of the Soviet Project 1331M. These ships are equipped exclusively with missile weapons. After receiving Turkish ATMACA anti-ship missiles, they will turn into multi-purpose platforms capable of fighting both underwater and surface targets.

If successfully executed, this initiative will position the Indonesian Navy alongside the Turkish Navy as one of the most intensive users of the ATMACA Anti-Ship Missile system.

Anticipating increased demand, production activities for ATMACA are expected to accelerate, especially following the successful first test firing of the national engine KTJ-3200. A recent decision by the Defense Industry Executive Committee has led to the signing of a contract for additional missile production.

The ATMACA Anti-Ship Missile, a product of the ATMACA Guided Projectile G/M Project initiated in 2009, boasts a range of over 250 kilometers. The missile is equipped with an Active Radar Seeker (AR) and was first fired from the MİLGEM TCG KINALIADA (F-514) Corvette in November 2019 after extensive testing.

During a subsequent test on June 18, 2021, the ATMACA Missile, fired from the KINALIADA Corvette, hit a real ship target, which subsequently sank. These successful tests culminated in the inclusion of the ATMACA Missile in the inventory of the Turkish Naval Forces Command.

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