Russian TVS-2MS "Partizan" Heavy Transport Drone Conducts Maiden Flight

The first manned flight lasted 20 minutes, featuring ultra-low-speed flying at 50 km/h
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  • 05:17 AM, February 21, 2024
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Russian TVS-2MS
TVS-2MS Partizan heavy transport drone

Russia’s Siberian Aviation Research Institute has concluded the first flight tests of the TVS-2MS Partizan heavy transport drone.

The initial flight, conducted in manned mode by test pilot Vladimir Barsuk, lasted 20 minutes and included flying at an ultra-low speed for an aircraft, reaching 50 km/h. The involvement of a pilot was cited as necessary for the safety of the test and the recording of flight data.

The TVS-2MS "Partizan" was introduced as a new analogue to the An-2 "corn truck" in mid-2021, featuring a sesquiplane design capable of transporting up to 1 ton of cargo over distances up to 1,000 kilometers. The aircraft's unique attribute lies in the incorporation of 8 additional electric motors on the lower wing, enabling take-offs from compact areas measuring 50 by 50 meters.

Developers project the TVS-2MS "Partizan" to find utility across various sectors. In its unmanned version, it is anticipated to contribute to rescue operations, cargo delivery in challenging terrains, and aerial chemical work. The manned iteration is positioned as an alternative to helicopters for passenger airlines, particularly in remote regions of Russia.

Russian TVS-2MS
TVS-2MS Partizan flying in unmanned mode

The TVS-2MS "Partizan" aims to be a versatile aircraft, featuring optional piloting capabilities. With an automatic control system, it can facilitate both fully autonomous cargo transportation and manned passenger transportation, presenting a range of operational possibilities.

"As a result of the work, we will receive a universal aircraft with the possibility of optional piloting. Thanks to the presence of an automatic control system, both fully autonomous cargo transportation in autonomous mode and passenger transportation in manned mode can be organized," Siberian Aviation Research Institute said on its website.

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