Ukraine to Receive F-16s, Long Range Air-to-Ground Missiles this Summer

Kyiv is likely to receive TAURUS HPM, Brimstone 2, and long-range ballistic missiles for defense.
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  • 11:31 AM, February 23, 2024
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Ukraine to Receive F-16s, Long Range Air-to-Ground Missiles this Summer
RDAF F-16AM fighter

Ukraine is set to receive the first batch of promised F-16 fighters from Western countries, along with long-range air-to-ground missiles this summer.

This announcement was made by the international air force coalition, led by Denmark, in collaboration with the Netherlands and the USA.

The initial delivery of Danish F-16 combat aircraft to Ukraine is expected to take place in the coming months. Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen stated, "It is difficult to set a fixed timetable for the donation of F-16 fighter jets because there are several conditions that must be met. However, we are working towards a handover this summer, pending the successful completion of preparations."

The final handover of the Danish F-16s is contingent on various factors, including the completion of training for Ukrainian pilots and support personnel, as well as the establishment of necessary logistics and infrastructure in Ukraine. The international air force coalition is actively working to ensure these requirements are met.

Denmark has been leading the coalition, alongside the Netherlands and the United States, since its establishment in autumn 2023. The Air Force Capability Coalition, formed within the framework of the U.S.-led Ukraine Defense Contact Group, focuses initially on providing F-16 fighter aircraft capabilities in Ukraine.

According to the Russian Arms telegram channel, there are discussions about providing Ukraine with the TAURUS HPM modification of the stealth tactical missile KEPD 350 TAURUS. This missile, with a range of 350 km, features a high-power single-pulse electromagnetic microwave warhead capable of disabling the electronic components of air defense systems.

Additionally, the U.K. Ministry of Defense has announced the transfer of an additional 200 Brimstone 2 guided anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. These missiles, equipped with a combined warhead, have been in use by the Ukrainian Armed Forces since 2022.

There are also reports suggesting that the Biden administration is considering providing Ukraine with advanced long-range ballistic missiles to enhance its targeting capabilities, particularly in Russian-held territories, including Crimea. The Pentagon is said to be planning the transfer of extended-range operational-tactical ballistic missiles (MGM-140B and MGM-164 ATACMS Mod 2000) to specific missile and rocket artillery brigades in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, featuring a range of 300 km and specific warhead details.

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