HENSOLDT Creates Chopper-specific Package of ARTEMIS-EuroNav 7 for Mobile Phone Detection, Location

EuroNav 7 integrates ARTEMIS for precise mobile phone capabilities in SAR, disaster control, and maritime operations, enhancing border intrusion detection.
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  • 05:07 AM, February 27, 2024
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HENSOLDT Creates Chopper-specific Package of ARTEMIS-EuroNav 7 for Mobile Phone Detection, Location

HENSOLDT has announced the integration of Smith Myers' ARTEMIS mobile phone detection, location, and communication system into its EuroNav 7 mission system at HAI HELI-EXPO 2024.

Michael Gröninger, Managing Director of HENSOLDT Avionics, positions this duo as a tool for a new level of control and safety.

The EuroNav 7, now with ARTEMIS technology, can identify, locate, and interact with mobile phones, catering to Search and Rescue (SAR) missions, disaster control, and maritime patrol operations. With the ability to determine the country of origin of detected cell phones, the system adds utility in border intrusion detection.

Andrew Munro, Managing Director of Smith Myers, explains that ARTEMIS geolocates cell phones using the cellular protocol. EuroNav 7 displays this information, enabling automatic sensor steering to the cell phone’s location, establishing the location of thousands of handsets quickly.

The integration provides aircrews with precision in identifying and locating cellular handsets, enhancing situational awareness with ARTEMIS's mass mapping and geofencing features. The ARTEMIS and EuroNav 7 partnership extends usability with a range of over 30 km.

EuroNav 7 with ARTEMIS offers integrated features like real-time AIS cellular and maritime data overlay and COSPAS SARSAT functionality for emergency and personal locator beacon identification.

The EuroNav 7 with ARTEMIS integration is now available off-the-shelf, emphasizing functionality in operational scenarios.

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