Russia Unveils Portable "Suitcase" to Shield Armored Vehicles from FPV Drones

Manufacturer Kaysant has commenced serial production of FPV drone suppression station 'K-1000'
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  • 04:54 AM, March 18, 2024
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Russia Unveils Portable
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Kaysant research and production association in Russia has announced the creation of a compact solution to counter the threat posed by FPV drones to armored vehicles.

Alena Balandina, the director of development at Kaysant, revealed to state-owned RIA Novosti the details of the FPV drone suppression station named K-1000. This dome station is specifically engineered to safeguard armored vehicles and other military assets from the growing menace of FPV drones.

Balandina explained, "The company has developed a dome-type FPV drone suppressor, K-1000, intended for installation on vehicles: cars, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles. This electronic warfare system is made in the form factor of a suitcase and weighs only two kilograms, making it very convenient to set up and carry."

The newly devised system operates by emitting radiation in an umbrella-like direction, neutralizing FPV drones operating within the frequencies of 800 and 900 megahertz. Moreover, Kaysant aims to expand the capability of the system by developing versions that can operate across three to four bands, including additional frequencies like 2400 and 5800 megahertz.

In response to the pressing demand for enhanced defense mechanisms, Kaysant has commenced the serial production of the K-1000. The company has already secured initial orders for the system from the Moscow government, and negotiations are underway for mass deliveries to the Northern Military District zone.

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