Japan Coast Guard Orders Airbus H225 Helicopters

JCG received three H225s in December 2023 and one in February 2024
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  • 10:30 AM, April 11, 2024
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Japan Coast Guard Orders Airbus H225 Helicopters
Airbus H225 Helicopter @Airbus

The Japan Coast Guard (JCG) has expanded its fleet of Airbus H225 helicopters with an order for three additional aircraft, bringing its total H225 fleet to 18.

As the largest Super Puma operator in Japan, the JCG received three H225s in December 2023 and one in February 2024, contributing to the growth of its helicopter fleet. These new acquisitions will bolster operations for territorial coastal activities, maritime law enforcement, and disaster relief missions across the country.

The JCG's H225 fleet benefits from Airbus' adaptive HCare Smart full-by-the-hour material support package.

The H225, a twin-engine helicopter in the 11-ton-category, now features advanced avionics with the market's largest screens and an interface that, in conjunction with its acclaimed autopilot system, minimizes pilot workload and enhances focus during missions.

Furthermore, the H225 can be customized with various equipment to accommodate a wide range of operational roles.

Presently, Japan operates a total of 24 H225 helicopters, employed by Japan's Ministry of Defence and other parapublic operators for diverse missions such as search and rescue, VIP transport, firefighting, as well as passenger and cargo transportation.

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