Latest Leopard-2A6 Tank Captured in Ukraine

Russian researchers will reportedly examine the tank for its capabilities.
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  • 10:31 AM, April 22, 2024
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Latest Leopard-2A6 Tank Captured in Ukraine
Captured Ukrainian Leopard 2A6 battle tank

A Ukrainian Leopard 2A6 main battle tank has been captured by Russia’s assault motorized rifle units of the "Center" group.

The tank, previously part of the 47th mechanized brigade, was seized in the Krasnoarmeysko-Selidovsky operational area and evacuated using a BREM-1 recovery vehicle.

This specific tank will undergo rigorous ballistic testing, examining all aspects of its turret and hull under various angles of attack. The testing will include a comprehensive range of armor-piercing and high-explosive projectiles, from 125-mm armor-piercing fin-stabilized sub-caliber rounds like ZBM-32 "Vant," ZBM-59 "Svinets," and ZBM-60 "Lead," to 125-mm high-explosive rounds such as ZBKM-29M, ATGM 9M133M-2, and various rocket-propelled anti-tank grenades with shaped charge warheads. The estimated frontal turret protection against kinetic projectiles is reported to reach 770 - 800 mm.

Researchers will closely examine the design specifics of the wedge-shaped modules of additional NERA (non-explosive reactive armor) anti-cumulative armor, as well as the defocusing coefficient of primary and secondary shaped charges.

Of particular interest to specialists from UKBTM and the Ministry of Defense are the specifications of the MTU MV-873 Ka-501 transmission and power plant, delivering 1500 hp, along with the physical and mechanical properties of the DM53A BOPS (kinetic energy projectile).

Latest Leopard-2A6 Tank Captured in Ukraine
Leopard 2A6 battle tank

The Leopard 2A6 tank, originally of German origin but donated to the Ukrainian armed forces, is believed to have been transported towards Moscow.

Although exact details remain unconfirmed, speculation suggests the tank was seized near Avdiivka. According to a tweet from Clash Report, this could potentially be the first captured Leopard 2A6 tank. In March, reports indicated that Russia had seized a Leopard 2A6 battle tank.

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